Online Resources

Useful You Tube videos:

  1. How to use PowerPoint  (2hrs 10 min)
  2. How to use Microsoft Excel  (approx 2 hrs)

Useful apps and websites:

  1.  – nonlinear type of presentation program. Web based so presentations live in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Not great for typical radiology didactic or case based talks but great for things like leadership, non-interpretative skills lectures etc. You should be able to get a free account from an institutional login with your Baystate email.
  1. RSNA diagnosis live (user name tcatanzano; password catanzano) – this is a web based interactive program that allows audience participation from any smart device. A presentation can be uploaded to the site and audience can participate in questions. This is what they use at RSNA for their “Diagnosis Live” sessions. It’s a real crowd pleaser.
  2. Poll Everywhere –  this is an audience response program that can be used from the audience’s cell phones or tablets. There is a free version but the higher level functions are only available with a paid subscription. We currently do not subscribe to this program in the department.You can sign up for the Higher education presenter’s option.  It will be free and offers more responses per question than standard login.
  3. Nearpod
  4. Webex –  this is one of the commercial platforms available for conference calls. There are different functions, some of which allow only phone conferencing and some of which allow the host to allow people to see what is on the host’s desktop. This is a live feed from the host to the participants (unidirectional) and can allow the host to show PowerPoints. etc.
  5.  –  link to multiple educator apps and websites.
  6.  – link to you tube video for PPT 2010 for beginners.
  7. – link to you tube video for PPT 2010.
  8.  –  this is a site that allows you to generate mind maps.
  9. Doceri – this application allows you to use an ipad for an interactive whiteboard when presenting from a desktop.
  10. Explain everything  is ipad program to create short videos of lectures, etc.  Both annotations and audio can be created and edited separately on top of the powerpoint.
  11. Surveymonkey  – this allows you to send surveys to anyone. There is a free portion of the program which is good for low level data gathering . Paid subscription gives more options for response analytics.
  12. Doodle  – this allows you to send a poll to anyone to arrange for a time for a meeting.
  13. Snag it – allows you to screen capture and make videos from your computer.
  14. – makes electronic flash cards.