Opportunities for Local and National Scholarly Work

Conference excel spreadsheet – There are two important spreadsheets that have been created. One is google document which can be shared and lists all of the ongoing projects or available projects for scholarly activity. It also includes who is the PI and which resident has signed on to do the project. Any projects that you have an interest in joining or any projects you would like to add as PI can be accommodated. The second spreadsheet lists the dates of abstract submissions and annual meetings for national meetings that individuals from the department tend to attend and submit to for presentation.

List of good societies to get involved in :

Doody Book Review service: For the next year and a half, we will continue to provide book reviews for this online review service. It’s a quick, easy way to get a line item on your CV for scholarly activity AND you get to keep the textbook that you review. That can often be more than $200 worth of a textbook. One volume of three books had a retail value of over $2000! The other copy of the book goes to the resident library.

RadExam – this is a national level, peer reviewed activity developed as a collaborative effort by the APDR and ACR. The purpose of this activity is to create peer reviewed multiple choice questions that can be used to make peer reviewed examinations for residents. There are new requirements that all programs will need to have formal testing after rotations for all R levels, above and beyond the In Training examination. This is a great opportunity to learn to write good multiple choice questions (feedback is provided on every question submitted) as well as an opportunity to become a question editor. Signup is very easy and it’s not a huge time commitment unless you would like to contribute a large number of questions. Great opportunity to become known in the society and volunteer for leadership opportunities.

How to become a journal reviewer – becoming a reviewer for a nationally recognized peer review journal is important for the promotions process. The best way to become a reviewer is to submit a manuscript for publication to a journal. The journal may have an option during the submission process to volunteer to become a reviewer. Alternatively, you can search the website for a journal that you have interest in and find out if they accept volunteers for journal reviewers. While it is important to be a journal reviewer, beware putting so much effort into it that you fail to spend time WRITING articles.