American College of Radiology –

For over three quarters of a century, the ACR has devoted its resources to making imaging safe, effective and accessible to those who need it.

Radiology Info –

Patient information about radiologic procedures and the role of radiologists in healthcare. Concise, accurate descriptions of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic radiology procedures, how each is performed and what patients might experience.

The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging –

The image gently Campaign is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to change practice by increasing awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose in the imaging of children.

American Cancer Society –

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is committed to fighting cancer through balanced programs of research, education, patient service, advocacy, and rehabilitation.

Radiological Society of North America –

The Radiological Society of North America is a professional membership society committed to excellence in patient care through education and research.

American Board of Radiology –

The mission of The American Board of Radiology is to serve patients, the public, and the medical profession by certifying that its diplomates have acquired, demonstrated, and maintained a requisite standard of knowledge, skill and understanding essential to the practice of diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and radiologic physics.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists –

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists advances the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession and enhances the quality of patient care.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® –

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® promotes high standards of patient care by recognizing qualified individuals in medical imaging, interventional procedures and radiation technology. – is the home of MEDIC, the Medical Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging campaign. MEDIC is working to save taxpayers billions in Medicare costs and improve patient quality by establishing quality standards for medical imaging.

Radiological Society Links:

The Society for Pediatric Radiology –

The Society for Pediatric Radiology is dedicated to fostering excellence in pediatric health care through imaging and image-guided care.

Society of Breast Imaging –

The Society of Breast Imaging is a professional medical organization dedicated to improvig the practice of breast imaging, enhancing the quality of breast imaging education and providing a medium for the exchange of ideas among those involved in breast imaging.

Society of Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance –

Improving patient care through the appropriate use of CT and MR by fostering innovative research and educating radiologists.

North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging –

North America Society for Cardiovascular Imaging is a scientific, educational and professional organization dedicated to the advancement of Cardiovascular Imaging.

Society for Advanced Molecular Imaging and Therapy –

The SNM is an international scientific and professional organization founded in 1954 to promote the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine.

Society of Skeletal Radiology –

The Society of Skeletal Radiology (SRR) is dedicated to the goal of encouraging and supporting the developement of expertise in the subspecialty of musculoskeletal radiology.

American Society of Neuroradiology –

The Society of Neuroradiology promotes the understanding of neuroradiology among neuroradiologists, patients, other health professionals and public agencies, and enhances communications with these groups.

Society of Interventional Radiology –

The Society of Interventional Radiology is a national organization of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals dedicated to improving public health through disease management and minimally invasive, image-guided therapeutic interventions.

American Society of Emergency Radiology –

The American Society of Emergency Radiology advances the quality of diagnosis and treatment of acutely ill or injured patients by means of medical imaging and enhances teaching and research in Emergency Radiology.