Emergency Radiology

Our Emergency Radiology StaffShow

icon-emergencyAccidents happen. People can face a health crisis at any hour without warning. Emergency radiology is the subspecialty that equips radiologists to handle the unpredictable. Our emergency subspecialists also provide coverage at night, on weekends and at other times outside normal business hours. Our Emergency radiologists have had extra fellowship training and have additional certification for emergency radiology.

Working Together With Other Physicians

Our emergency radiologists work closely with other physicians and with the patient. It is important to us that communication is clear and complete among all involved parties. But in an emergency, timely immediate diagnosis and action may be called for. Our emergency radiologists frequently work with physicians who specialize in trauma.

Common Health Issues and Body Systems

Emergency radiologists handle everything. They may provide images for an infant suddenly unable to keep food down; an unconscious accident victim; a person with undiagnosed internal bleeding; or other trauma or emergency medical needs.

Collaborating With the Patient and Referring Physician

The emergency radiologist’s role varies. It depends on the emergency, the personal or referring physician and the patient. At Radiology & Imaging, we prefer to have our emergency subspecialists as actively involved as possible in diagnosing and considering treatment options. Our emergency radiologists have extensive training. They can quickly take, read and assess all types of radiology images. That high degree of expertise enables them to see, properly diagnose and initiate emergency treatment. Their skill and quick action is frequently critical for the patient to have the best opportunity for recovery.