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ACR Accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

At Radiology & Imaging, the training and experience of the radiologists and the use of advanced, high-resolution imaging equipment provide many women with the opportunity for early detection and a better long-term outcome. We now offer 3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis at our imaging locations. A 3D Mammogram provides fewer callbacks and an increase in cancer detection for patients when compared to conventional mammography.

Providing Baystate Medical Center, and their affiliates, with accredited, sub-specialized radiology services.

Caring for You

Our patient-centered, compassionate approach will help you feel at ease throughout your appointment with Radiology & Imaging at Baystate Medical Centers. We listen. We answer your questions. We deliver your results quickly and use everyday language that’s easy to understand. From first appointment to the final follow up—your every contact with our staff will be easy, informative and friendly.

Exceptional Medical Expertise from MRI’s to Breast Imaging and More…

All radiologists are trained to interpret medical images of the whole body from the wide variety of imaging machines. Some radiologists also choose to sub-specialize in a particular type of imaging or area of the body. The radiologists of Baystate Medical Centers, are all subspecialists and can provide an exceptional level of expertise on all types of medical imaging exams.

That means your eight-year-old son’s x-ray can be read by a pediatric radiologist, your mammogram can be read by a breast imaging specialist, your MRI can be read by a musculoskeletal radiologist, and the images of your heart can be read by a radiologist specially trained to read cardiac images. Subspecialized radiologists provide more in-depth knowledge and a greater level of expertise for you.

Rays of Hope

Radiologists, radiology technologists, and adminstrative staff from Radiology & Imaging participated in the 2019 Rays of Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.  Learn more about Rays of Hope.

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