Expert Physicians & Expert People

Providing the region with accredited, subspecialized diagnostic imaging services.

Greater Medical Expertise

Yes, we are highly trained, subspecialized radiology physicians and imaging technicians. But we are also people like you. Radiology & Imaging delivers the highest quality imaging services. Because our radiologists subspecialize, they excel at reading and interpreting medical images. You and your physician receive greater expertise. Your eight-year-old son’s x-ray can be read by a pediatric radiologist. Your mammogram is read by a breast imaging specialist.  Your cardiac image is read by a radiologist specially trained to read heart images.

Patient-Centered Care

Our medical expertise is important. So is our patient-centered, compassionate approach. We have been patients and we know how that feels. So our excellent medical service includes listening to you, answering your questions, putting you at ease, using everyday language and delivering results to you quickly. We want your visit to our office, your talks with our staff and every contact you have with us to be easy, informative and friendly.

Radiology & Imaging also works closely with your physician. We’re part of your medical team.